​Off-site repair process is provided to track assets and their repair costs. The process is described in the diagram below.

  • Requisition and purchase orders in Calem are used to manage the approval process for off-site repair. 
  • Inventory transactions are used to track assets in the repair process.

 Step 1. Create a requisition for Off-Site Repair

Work orders are used to track assets repaired internally. Assets that are sent for off-site repair are managed from the supplier side  in the inventory module. The first step is to create a requisition for the off-site repair of an asset
  • Select an asset to repair. Assets of the following statuses are not available for offsite repair:
    • In-Service, Out-for-Repair, Returned, OEM-Retained, Voided, Disposed
    • The asset is in another REQ that is not completed, closed or voided.
    • If your assets do not show up in the assets to repair, verify your assets statuses first. If the statuses are eligible, go to Requisition module | Open | REQ Lines Open list. Search the asset tag column in this list to check if your assets are included in other repair REQs already.
    • Select an item of "Repair" category
    • Set the "Due date", and optionally a vendor site, or RMA (return authorization number) if any.

    Step 2. Approve the REQ & Create a Repair PO

    Next step is to approve the repair REQ and create a PO. There are two options to do it.

    • ​Option 1. Approve the REQ and check "Create PO" at the approval screen.
    •  Option 2. Have the REQ approved by a supervisor. Then, click "Create PO" in the REQ to create the repair PO.

    Step 3. Approve the Repair PO 

    A repair PO needs to be approved before the repair asset in a PO can be shipped out for repair.

    Step 4. Send Asset for Repair

    Use inventory transaction "Send Off-Site Repair" to send an asset out for repair.

    Step 5. Receive Asset Repaired 

    Use inventory transaction "Receive Off-Site Repair" to receive an asset repaired.

    • If an asset is repaired receive it to a storeroom
    • If a replacement is provided by the repair vendor, a new asset is created for the replacement. The original asset sent for repair is voided in Calem.

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