​Videos can be embedded in PM steps in R20 release available in February 2020. Here are the steps to do it.

Step 1. Create Docs for Videos

Create a doc for each video to be embedded in PM steps.

  • Menu path: Doc | Doc List |  Create a Doc
  • Create a doc as URL and populate the URL to your Youtube video reference.  Note that you should use "embed/video-ref" format of the Youtube link.

Step 2. Add the Video Docs to PM Plan.

In PM Plans add the docs created above.

  • Menu path: PM | PM Plans
  • Go to a PM Plan's Doc tab, add video docs to the PM Plan.

Step 3. Reference Videos in PM Steps

Use "#N" in PM Steps to reference PM docs. For instance, "#10" references the doc of sequence 10, where "#" is the tag to indicate a doc reference. The number "10" is the "Seq" of the PM Plan doc that's referenced.

  • The referenced doc will be shown as a URL link in record read form.
  • One can click the link to launch the video referenced in a separate tab of browser, or an embedded form in Calem Mobile. You can do the same from work order screens when the PM Plan is generated as a work order.
  • This is the mobile read screen of the PM Plan. Clicking the link to view the video referenced by the doc (see screenshot below).