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  • Calem Enterprise
  • $65
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  • 25+ GB SSD
  • 3+ Users
  • Work Order, Asset, Service Request, Inventory, Change Management
  • Dashboard
  • Workflow
  • Multi-Site
  • Role-based Security
  • Calem Designers for Mobile and Web Customization
  • Calem Ajax for Web
  • Calem Mobile for iOS and Android
  • Calem Offline for Android
  • Calem Enterprise
    On the Salesforce platform™
  • $85
  • A native application on the Salesforce platform™
  • Ideal for organizations adopting Salesforce® solutions
  • The Salesforce platform™ is the #1 cloud platform for business
  • Calem Enterprise
    Training and Consultation
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    Self-Guided Training
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  • $3600
    Web-Based Training and Consultation
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  • $10000
    On-Site Training and Consultation
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Calem Enterprise Pricing

Fixed and Floating License Seats

Customers can purchase a combination of fixed and floating licenses based on business needs.
  • Fixed seats are assigned to individual users. People who use Calem Enterprise frequently are best served by fixed seats.
  • Floating seats are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. They are cost-effective for people who use Calem Enterprise occasionally or in different times such as different shifts.

Enterprise Subscription Prices

  • Cloud Service starts from 3 user seats
  • On-Site deployment starts from 5 user seats
User Seats Cloud Service On-Site Deployment
Each Fixed License Seat $65 user/month
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$65 user/month
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Each Floating License Seat $115 user/month
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$115 user/month
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Deployment Options

Customers can choose the best deployment option based on business requirements. Calem Enterprise can be deployed in the clouds as a service (SaaS) managed by CalemEAM or partners. It can also be deployed on-site at customers' facilities. Customers can migrate from on-site deployment to cloud service.

Technical Support

Technical support is included in the annual subscription. It includes product patches, maintenance and new releases, unlimited support cases, and access to CalemEAM support experts via web, email and phone.

Calem Enterprise

Calem Enterprise is the flagship offering from CalemEAM. It is a full-featured EAM/CMMS suite: Enteprise features.

Calem Touch

Calem Touch is included when you purchase Calem Enterprise. It enables field technicians to browse, enter and complete work orders in real time from iPhone/iPad or Android phones or tablets. Calem Touch can also be used with desktops. It perfect helps customers achieve better productivity and better data quality.

Calem Offline

Calem Offline is included when you purchase Calem Enterprise with at least five user seats. It enables field technicians to browse, enter and complete work orders in the field when network connections are not available. Calem Offline helps customers achieving better productivity cost-effectively without requiring operator mobile data services.

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