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Asset System Tree in R10p

A host of user friendly enhancements have been implemented in asset trees in Calem Enterprise R10p. You can now search the asset tree and view an asset in the asset tree. A new asset system tree based on category and sub-category is also available.

Search in Asset Tree

The free text search has been very useful in asset list views. It is now available in the asset tree. The tree will be fully expanded to show matching assets. For efficiency, the search tree will show up to 42 assets that match the search string. You may tune the search string to narrow down the asset you are looking for.

Asset in Tree View 

This feature allows one to view an asset in its tree view. A tree menu is added at asset record view for this function.

​The tree menu will launch asset tree screen and show the asset in the tree.

Asset System Tree by Category/Sub-Category 

Asset system tree shows assets by their category and sub-category hierarchy. 

  • The first level of the asset system tree is the sites.
  • Category and sub-category are the 2nd and 3rd levels under sites.
  • Assets are the leaf nodes in the tree.
  • For assets without category/sub-category defined, the assets are shown under sites.

Enjoy the new features in Calem Enterprise R10p. Please drop us a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you like to explore Calem Enterprise for your organization.

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