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How to Manage Text Customization in Calem

​Calem has an elastic architecture for flexible text customization including:

  • Provide a new language pack to add a new language support.
  • Customize texts in Calem for fields, dropdowns, and screens.

The following table shows the process of calculating a text in Calem for French language. The process is used whenever a field, a dropdown, or a screen text is needed.
  • ​#1 - The customization for French language. It uses the customized text if found.
  • #2 - The customization for US English. It uses the customized text if found.
  • #3 - The custom language file for French. It uses the custom text if found.
    • This file can be provided by customer to overwrite the language file for French.
  • #4 - The language file for French. It uses the text if found.
    • A language file can be provided to add a new language not supported in Calem.
  • #5 - The language file for US English. It uses the text if found.
  • #6 - The built-in language files for locale, and AjxToolkit. It uses the text if found.
  • Otherwise, the text Id is used.

 1. Customize Text at Screens

Text customization is granted for "admin" user, or users of the "Custom System" group. A user can customize texts in screens and view the changes in action right away.

  • Click "Customize" to customize a screen.
  • Right click on a screen object to edit its text.
  • One can customize the text for the language currently logged in with, or other languages.

2. Customize Text at Data Design

Text customization can be performed at custom field and dropdown screens:

  • Right click on a field or dropdown to customize its text.

3. Text Customization Report

A report is available to show all the text customization:

  • Admin | Report | Text Customization
  • You may delete customized texts from the report list
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