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Screen vs Report Customization

​In Calem release R21c screen customization privilege is refined into a) Form customization; and b) Report customization. The differentiation of forms from reports provides flexible reporting while keeping forms consistent across users.

  • The configuration of the screen customization is at menu path: Organization | ACL Profiles | ACL Profile List
  • Have "No Customize" (1) checked to prevent users from customizing forms such as work order forms.
    • Admin users may grant customization to selective user groups.
  • Have "No Customize (Report)" (2) unchecked to allow users to customize their report list and export to excel.
    • Users without form customization privilege can still customize report lists to get to the data they needed.

1. Report Customization

A report list includes an excel export menu. Customizing a report list allows a user to add fields to a report and save it for export and future use.

2. Form Customization

A form shows data and allows interaction to display and modify data. Form customization is controlled at group and user level. It is recommended to grant form customization to selective users. List and Tab forms are shown below.

Inventory Checkout Slips Report
Charting Meter Readings from Quick Entry

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