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When to Use PM Inspection and PM Rounds

​Questions are often asked by customers when implementing PMs for assets and locations:

  • Calem defines a PM as a scheduled preventive maintenance plan for an asset or location. 
  • Is it possible to define a PM for many assets? 
  • Is it possible to define a PM for many locations?
Calem does provide ways to handle many assets and locations:
  • ​PM Inspection for adding more than one asset to a PM
  • PM Rounds for adding multiple locations/assets to a PM

1. PM Inspection

PM Inspection allows one to use one PM work order to inspect, or perform other maintenance activities on multiple assets. The PM is defined as a normal PM with a list of assets. 

  • Menu path: PM | PM List | PM form | Inspection Tab. 
    • Define a PM with an asset or location and save it.
    • Go to the Inspection tab and add assets to the inspection list.
    • The maintenance labor and material will be recorded for the asset or location of the PM.

 2. PM Rounds

A PM Round define assets or locations as stops in the PM travel routes (similar to Meter Round in the Asset module).

  • Menu path: PM module | Open | PM Rounds
  • Add round stops which can be either assets or a locations
  • A PM Plan can be defined for a round stop. If not defined the PM Plan at the PM will be used.
  • Finally, use the PM round in a PM:
    • Define a PM with an asset or location as usual. 
    • Then, set a PM Round for the PM.
  • When a PM is generated as work orders, the PM is generated as a parent work order with each round stop being generated as a child PM work order.

3. PM Rounds vs Inspection

  • Each PM round stop is generated as a separate work order
    • Work order costs can be recorded more accurately in each asset of a round stop
    • An asset or location PM Plan may be used for each round stop
  • Assets in a PM inspection are generated as inspection assets in a PM work order
    • Work order costs are recorded at the PM asset or location
    • To record specific costs for an asset included in the inspection list, a child work order will need to be created.
  • Inspection PM will use less work orders for inspection runs.
  • PM Rounds will generate work orders for each round stop.

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